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Winnipeg Company Develops One-Handed Keyboard

May 5, 2015 11:48 AM | News

By Brian Schultz

Twiddler 3

Twiddler 3 (TEKGEAR.COM)

A Winnipeg company has developed a new one-handed keyboard, perfect for people with mobility issues.

Called the Twiddler 3, the Tek Gear Inc. product connects via Bluetooth and is made to match the latest generation of tablets, watches and other mobile devices.

“We spent months working with researchers at leading wearable computer companies to redesign the Twiddler. Then we followed that up by asking hundreds of developers to test it out and tell us how to make it even better,” said Tony Havelka, the company’s president. “The Twiddler is one of the lightest, fastest and easiest keyboards around.”

Using a combination of single keystrokes and chords, the 19-key Twiddler works to type all the letters, characters, symbols and commands found on a standard keyboard. With practice, average users can type between 30 and 60 words per minute.

“Instead of fussing with socially awkward voice commands, or thumbs on tiny glass keyboards, the Twiddler lets you keep your head up and focused on the task at hand.”

The keyboard was designed by San Francisco’s Kicker Studio and the keyboard’s functions and mouse are within the normal range of motion of the fingers and thumb of one hand.

Tek Gear says the keyboard is most ideal for stroke victims, amputees and people with other mobility issues.