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Winnipeg Changing the Way It Separates Bikes, Cars

May 5, 2015 5:48 PM | News

Urban Cyclist Bike

(Urban biker image via Shutterstock)

The City of Winnipeg is changing the way it handles residential streets for cyclists on Sundays and holidays.

Wellington Crescent, Wolseley Avenue, Lyndale Drive and Scotia Street are already designated as bike routes on specific days so cyclists can use the roadway with limited vehicle traffic during designated times.

A by-law amendment last July has made the following changes for this year:

  • Motor vehicle travel on the Sunday/holiday bicycle route is limited to a distance of not more than one block.
  • The dates are fixed in the by-law from the Sunday preceding Victoria Day to Thanksgiving Day Monday, inclusive, and include all Sundays and statutory holidays between these two dates, regardless of weather.
  • The time of the closures is 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Signs will be posted on all approach roadways to advise motorists they are entering a Sunday/holiday bicycle route. Signs will be posted at the end of the closures advising motorists that they are leaving the Sunday/holiday bicycle route.
  • Barricades will no longer be placed along the roadway.
  • A violation of the Sunday/holiday bicycle route by-law amendment will result in a fine estimated to be approximately $185. An educational phase is planned which will assist in the transition to this new approach.