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Riding Mountain Getting Ahead of Zebra Mussels

May 26, 2015 1:43 PM | News

Zebra Mussels - Boat

A boat washing station in Clear Lake (PARKS CANADA)

Measures are being taken in Riding Mountain National Park to prevent the introduction of zebra mussels.

Parks Canada says all watercraft that enter park waters this season will undergo a free mandatory inspection by park staff, which will be conducted at Clear Lake Boat Cove.

Upgrades to the Boat Cove include new boat launches, a new accessible canoe/kayak launch, silt and sand control for launches, and improved traffic flow for launching, as well as expanded parking.

Before launching watercraft or entering any park waters, visitors are asked to:

1. CLEAN and inspect watercraft, trailer, aircraft and all water-based equipment and gear. Remove all plants, animals and mud. Rinse using high pressure and extremely hot tap water – preferably 50 oC (120 oF).
2. DRAIN all water from watercraft, equipment and gear including, but not limited to, the motor, livewell, bilge, bait buckets and totes before transporting.
3. DRY watercraft, trailer and all water-based gear and equipment for at least eight days in July/August and 18-21 days in the spring/fall, or freeze for three days.
4. DISPOSE of unwanted live bait and worms in the trash, and dump all water from bait buckets and totes on land away from any water body.

The new measures apply to all water-related equipment including watercraft, trailers, canoes, kayaks, wind-driven vessels, stand-up paddleboards, any other recreational watercraft, diving and snorkelling gear and children’s beach toys.