Police Dole Out Tickets, Warnings on Sunday Cruise Night

Police Dole Out Tickets, Warnings on Sunday Cruise Night

Drifting Car
(Drifting car image via Reha Mark / Shutterstock.com)

Winnipeg police hit the streets Sunday night, targeting vehicle enthusiasts and looking for Highway Traffic Act infractions.

The city-wide campaign saw officers pull over vehicles for suspended licenses, distracted driving, speeding and other issues.

Police issued the following warnings to drivers:

1 – Alcohol screening device (warning)
5 – Excessive noise
5 – License plate related
8 – Required equipment
10 – Window tint
6 – Seatbelt

Fifty-five tickets were handed out for the following offences:

7 – License plate related
1 – Novice driver with BAC (Blood Alcohol Content)
1 – Speeding (130 km/h in 80 km/h zone)
6 – Cellular phone (distracted driving)
2 – Suspended drivers
15 – Fail to have required equipment (Resulting in six towed off out of service)
4 – Seatbelt violations
5 – Window tint violations
5 – Prohibited lighting
2 – No insurance
1 – Drive imprudent
Six others include offences relating to headphones.


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