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Nearly 60% of Winnipeggers Don’t Get Enough Sleep: Study

June 9, 2015 11:02 AM | News

Sleepless in Canada

What’s keeping Canadians up at night? This infographic tracks our current relationship with sleep. (CNW Group/IPG Mediabrands)

A new study suggests more than half of Winnipeggers aren’t getting enough shut-eye at night.

Sleep-Centre.ca and IPG Mediabrands commissioned the survey and also found 26 percent of Canada’s workforce has called in sick to catch up on sleep.

When breaking the numbers down, 59 percent of those living in Winnipeg said they believe they aren’t getting enough sleep, compared to the national average of 62 percent. About one in five admitted to being sleepless on a frequent basis.

“Surprisingly, but perhaps not to some, Toronto enjoys the best sleep in the country,” said Chris Herlihey, vice-president of research at IPG Mediabrands. “The cities topping the list have a higher percentage of kids living at home versus Toronto, which has more singles compared to the rest of the country.

The most common reason for not enjoying a good night’s rest was pain (46 percent), followed by uncomfortable room temperature (31 percent) and work stress (29 percent).

The survey also found the most common place to fall asleep is on the couch watching TV (72 percent), on public transportation (23 percent), or during classes/lectures (22 percent).

Kitchener-Waterloo suffered from the most sleeplessness (76 percent), followed by Saskatoon and Vancouver at 72 percent.

— Staff