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MTS Launches ‘Total Internet’ Plan in Manitoba

June 23, 2015 8:15 AM | News

MTSMTS has launched an all-in-one service plan to satisfy the needs of Internet and wireless data customers.

MTS Total Internet is the first of its kind in Canada and was introduced on Tuesday.

Paul Norris, vice-president of brand and consumer marketing for MTS, said the plan allows customers to connect to the Internet on any of their devices for a single price.

“We’re proud that our team imagined and built this compelling service right here in Manitoba creating an unbeatable customer experience for Manitobans,” he said.

MTS Total Internet includes:

  • Internet and wireless data access, anywhere on MTS networks and on any device
  • Unlimited High Speed internet access from home, including in-home Wi-Fi
  • Flat rate, Canada-wide wireless data on up to five smartphones
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi at MTS hotspots
  • The ability to turn smartphones into a Personal Mobile Hotspot and connect a tablet, laptop or gaming device to the internet

No matter how a customer connects, extra charges aren’t incurred whether it be on a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or gaming device.

Disclosure: MTS is an advertising partner of ChrisD.ca.