Wishing Well Bridge Reopens in Riding Mountain

Wishing Well Bridge Reopens in Riding Mountain

Clear Lake Wishing Well
The Clear Lake Wishing Well in Riding Mountain National Park. (PARKS CANADA / HANDOUT)
Clear Lake Wishing Well Bridge
The bridge near the Clear Lake Wishing Well crossing Bogey Creek. (PARKS CANADA / HANDOUT)

After nearly a 10-year closure, the historic Wishing Well Bridge in Riding Mountain National Park has reopened.

The bridge provides visitor access to the day use area located near the Clear Lake Golf Course.

The bridge has been fully repaired and paved by Parks Canada staff, including reinforcements to reduce erosion, and redirecting Bogey Creek to improve water flow, reduce stagnant water and remove sediment to enhance and diversify fish habitat.

“The improvements to this historic and picturesque place ensure that it will continue to be enjoyed for years to come, all while guaranteeing the ecological integrity of Bogey Creek and the nearby Clear Lake,” said Dauphin–Swan River–Marquette MP Robert Sopuck.

The Wishing Well was built in the 1930s and boasts well-maintained gardens with native plants and flowers, walkways, and bridges over Bogey Creek, which winds through the gardens.


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