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Manitoba Introduces Digital Mammography System

June 26, 2015 8:04 AM | News

Digital Mammogram

(Digital mammogram image via Shutterstock)

WINNIPEG — Mobile screening vehicles across Manitoba will be able to provide patients with digital mammography, reducing diagnostic wait times for breast cancer detection services.

Images from digital mammography are stored electronically and viewed on a monitor rather than being transferred to film.

“Images captured in one region will be available to radiologists working in another, helping speed up turnaround times and diagnoses that may lead to faster treatment if needed,” said Health Minister Sharon Blady.

About 90,000 Manitobans have a mammogram every year. Approximately 50,000 are screening mammograms through the CancerCare Manitoba’s BreastCheck program.

Funding for the new mobile screening vehicles is being supported by the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation.

The new vehicles will begin a full province-wide rollout in approximately 10 months following negotiations with a vendor chosen by the province. The Brandon Regional Health Centre will be the first to receive the digital mammography system in September.