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Lawyer Injured in Winnipeg Bomb Blast Issues Statement

July 10, 2015 11:15 AM | News

Maria Mitousis

Maria Mitousis (TWITTER)

Winnipeg lawyer Maria Mitousis has issued a statement exactly one week since being seriously injured in a bomb attack.

Mitousis was working at the Petersen King law offices on July 3 when she opened a package containing a bomb disguised as a voice recorder. She lost her right hand in the explosion and severely injured her left. The 38-year-old also received injuries to her face, chest and thighs.

Guido Amsel, 49, has been charged with two counts of attempted murder, one count of aggravated assault and a number of offences related to possessing explosives.

Mitousis issued the following statement through the Winnipeg police on Friday:

“I want people to know I’m ok, and I’ll be better. I’m doing great, but I’m not doing great. I have lots of support from friends and family, I wouldn’t have this positive outlook without this support.”

“I’m not going to stop.”

“If all goes well, I’ll have to become left handed. And I was just recently getting quite good at golf.”

Maria then described for police the moments after the device exploded. She did what she describes as a self-assessment, “I have my teeth, I can see, I can blink.”

“This is not a personal attack on what we do, keep doing it,” she stated. “(When the explosion happened), we took care of each other.”

She also wanted to express sincere thanks to the officer who happened to be in the area and being first on scene and the first responders who arrived soon after.

“I knew what was happening, where I was going, and I knew I was safe.”

“I’m going to come back to do what I do, I just don’t know how that’ll look just yet.”


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