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More Than 250,000 Contraband Smokes Seized in Manitoba

July 13, 2015 11:43 AM | News

RCMP Crest LogoMore than a quarter-million cigarettes have been seized after an investigation that involved the Manitoba Finance Department and RCMP.

Falcon Lake RCMP, along with Manitoba Finance investigators, stopped a truck hauling a camper on Hwy. 1 east of Winnipeg on Canada Day. Inside, they found 1,000 cartons of smokes and one carton in the truck, for a total of 200,200 cigarettes.

All but one carton bore no tax markings for Manitoba. One adult male faces numerous charges and fines and tax penalties that could total more than $170,000.

On July 2, investigators watched two men at a Winnipeg house transfer contraband smokes from one vehicle to another. Manitoba Finance investigators seized 250 cartons of cigarettes, totalling 50,000 smokes. Half of those cartons were not properly marked.

The two men also face numerous charges and fines.




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