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Winnipeg Police Warn of Phone Scam Involving ‘Taxation Canada’

July 16, 2015 3:50 PM | News

Winnipeg Police CrestWinnipeg police say they have seen a spike in a number of telephone scams that try to get victims to send gift cards to pay off a fake debt.

Police said the basic scam involves “a suspect calling the victim and claiming to be an associate with ‘Taxation Canada’ and that a large sum of money is owed in taxes. The victim is requested to make payment in the form of gift cards in order to clear up the fictitious outstanding amount.”

Police said anyone who receives this kind of phone call should not talk to the callers or send payment.

“The Commercial Crime Unit has been notified and encourages all members of the public to discuss this scam with their elderly family members or those individuals who they feel may be susceptible to this type of scam and/or pressure tactics,” said police.

For more information regarding fraud protection and reporting, please go to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at: http://www.phonebusters.com/english/recognizeit_emergency.html

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