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Manitoba to Reimburse Dialysis Patients for At-Home Utilities

August 20, 2015 1:40 PM | News

Dialysis Machine

(Dialysis machine image via Shutterstock)

WINNIPEG — The Manitoba government will begin reimbursing patients extra utility costs for undergoing dialysis treatment at home.

The province is the first in the country to cover additional costs associated with increased water and electricity bills for such care.

“We hope these new supports will encourage more patients to undergo hemodialysis treatment in the comfort of their own home and enjoy a better quality of life,”
said Health Minister Sharon Blady.

Blady said additional hydro and water expenses can range from $704 to $2,116 a year in the City of Winnipeg. Reimbursement will be based on utility use associated with individual patient’s dialysis schedules and the type of home hemodialysis machine used.

As of August 10, 60 patients were undergoing hemodialysis treatments at home throughout the province.

The reimbursement program will be administered by the Manitoba branch of the Kidney Foundation of Canada.

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