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City Entrepreneur Taking ‘Blacklist’ Brand into New Lounge

August 21, 2015 8:14 AM | News

Peter Takis

Peter Takis outside of The List, soon to open at 216 McDermot Avenue. (HANDOUT)

A young Winnipeg entrepreneur will soon cheers glasses to a new lounge in the Exchange District.

Peter Takis began his business-savvy ways out of a high school locker less than five years ago selling T-shirts as part of a school project, quickly capitalizing on his brand’s popularity to extend that reach into other ventures.

Takis and his company, Blacklist, recently took over the former Ragpickers location at 216 McDermot Avenue and completely renovated it. Called The List, it will be transformed into a new lounge to have a drink and enjoy a live show in the city’s core.

“I wanted to build something bigger than retail and much bigger than just a brand,” Takis said.

Blacklist is behind other ventures, including Blacklist Boutique (75 Albert St.) and Blacklist Studios (264 Portage Ave.)

“Our small group of fans come to the shop to buy a T-shirt, get a fresh cut then drive down the street to record their own music at our studio. By this fall they can finish their night with a drink at our lounge too.”

Takis is relying on the influence and loyalty of his retail brand to outpace competitors, who may undersell on similar wear.

“Our core fans trust the brand. They see the authenticity,” the 20-year-old added.

“They don’t care if the store at the mall has is $5 cheaper, they’re coming to us. That’s the value of building a culture around a brand.”

The List will officially be announced on Monday, August 24, with a grand opening planned for mid-September.

Besides being a business owner, Takis can also be heard on 103.1 Virgin Radio from 7-9 p.m. on weekdays.

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