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Photo Radar Group Calls on Bowman to Fix Traffic ‘Deficiencies’

August 25, 2015 10:17 AM | News

Speed Sign

Wise Up Winnipeg says the way the city handles traffic engineering is inefficient, but profitable. (CHANGE.ORG / HANDOUT)

A photo radar activist group has launched a petition to get Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman’s attention on so-called “misengineering” within the Public Works department.

Wise Up Winnipeg has been pointing out deficiencies with the way the city handles speed limit signage around photo radar cameras for years.

“Winnipeg stands alone as the only city in Canada to ignore traffic engineering standards for speed limit setting, speed-reduction signage and amber timing,” said Todd Dube, Wise Up Winnipeg founder.

“The locations most deficient of proper engineering are precisely where we see chronic enforcement. We demand proper engineering and an end to the abusive enforcement which in effect trades our true motoring safety for a share of the profit.”

Dube says before last fall’s municipal election, several candidates promised photo radar reform in their platforms, except Bowman.

“(Bowman) chose not to address the issue and since being elected as mayor he has refused to meet with Wise U pWinnipeg to review their very detailed report evidencing the deficiencies.”

A petition on Change.org has garnered some 1,600+ signatures to draw the attention of Mayor Bowman and Ron Kostyshyn, who at the time the petition was created, was the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development. Steve Ashton currently oversees that portfolio.

Dube and his group will address the media on the issue Wednesday in front of City Hall at 12:20 p.m.