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City Warns of Brown Tap Water for Some Residents

September 18, 2015 2:33 PM | News

Brown WaterWinnipeggers have had their fair share of brown tap water, but this weekend residents in the eastern parts of the city may experience it again.

The city says temporary discoloured water will be the result of water feeder main work crossing the Seine River.

The neighbourhoods most likely to be affected will be St. Boniface, Norwood, Glenwood, and Varennes.

Residents around these areas are encouraged to check for discoloured water Saturday night and Sunday before using their water.

If residents experience discoloured water, it is recommended they do not use it for any purposes that require clean water (e.g., for drinking, preparing food and beverages, laundry). This is recommended because discoloured water does not taste, smell or look pleasant, and it can stain clothes. Health officials do not believe that drinking discoloured water poses a health risk.

The city says discoloured water usually doesn’t last long. If the water still isn’t clear after waiting two to three hours, contact 311.