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Canada’s Diversity Gardens a $70M Project for Assiniboine Park

September 25, 2015 2:23 PM | News

Canada's Diversity Gardens

Canada’s Diversity Gardens is a $70 million project planned for Assiniboine Park. (APC / HANDOUT)

Canada's Diversity Gardens

A site plan of Canada’s Diversity Gardens. (APC / HANDOUT)

WINNIPEG — Another large-scale attraction is coming to Assiniboine Park.

Canada’s Diversity Gardens is part of the park’s $200 million revitalization campaign and will be funded by private donors. The gardens will celebrate the world’s culture and biodiversity with four distinct attractions.

“Canada’s Diversity Gardens will be one of the most stunning attractions in Canada,” said Margaret Redmond. “Indoors and outdoors, it will represent a fresh take on the blending of culture, diversity, plant collections, horticultural displays and community gathering space all in one location. It will be a meaningful centre of activity for the entire community.”

The gardens will be located in the southeast corner of Assiniboine Park, and will include a living classroom where schools can participate in environmental education programs year-round.

The four cornerstones of the gardens include The Leaf, The Indigenous Peoples’ Garden, The Cultural Mosaic Gardens and The Grove — each offering a unique experience with visitors to Assiniboine Park and the zoo.

The estimated cost of the project is $70 million.

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