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Mayor Bowman’s Approval Rating Sitting Pretty

September 29, 2015 9:19 AM | News

Brian Bowman


One year after he was elected to lead the city, Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman has the approval of 77 percent of citizens.

A new Probe Research Inc. poll, conducted on behalf of the Winnipeg Free Press, finds Bowman’s job performance is getting the thumbs up from the majority of the electorate.

Bowman’s approval rating is similar to that of former mayor Sam Katz one year into his tenure (76 percent).

The survey also found 15 percent who strongly approve of Bowman’s performance and 62 percent who moderately approve. Twelve percent disapprove, two percent strongly disapprove and 10 percent moderately disapprove.

Probe also found Bowman’s biggest support base is located east of the Red River, with 23 percent of those in northeast Winnipeg and 20 percent of those in the southeast approving of his performance. Only seven percent in southwest Winnipeg found Bowman to be doing an ‘excellent’ job.

The mayor’s popularity was also relatively consistent across all demographic sub-groups, but women led the most support (19 percent), compared to 11 percent of men.

This city-wide survey was conducted by phone between September 14 and 23, 2015 among a random and representative sampling of 600 Winnipeg adults. The survey has a margin of error of +/- 4.0 percentage points.

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