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RCMP Charge Speed Demon After Video Posted Online

October 5, 2015 12:50 PM | News


A screen grab from a video posted to Facebook showing a man nearly reaching 200 km/h on a Manitoba highway. Sheldon Karl Skulmoski, 43, faces several charges. (FACEBOOK)

A Swan Valley man who posted a video online documenting his reckless driving at speeds nearing 200 km/h has been charged.

Sheldon Karl Skulmoski, 43, filmed himself travelling on Highway 10 between Bowsman and Swan River. The video was then posted to Facebook on September 25, in which Skulmoski pans the camera down to the gauge cluster and back to the road several times.

“Our officers have many ways to investigate criminal offences and those include monitoring activities and postings on public sites and social media,” said Sgt. Bert Paquet of the Manitoba RCMP.

“The total disregard for public safety is what ultimately led to criminal charges being laid in this case.”

In the video’s description, Skulmoski expresses frustration with how long it took a Ford Escape to reach its top speed.

“f—ing ford escape and runnin from nothing at 190,, couldn’t even get 200 outta that f—er no matter how long I held it down , f—in take all day to load.”

When a viewer suggests Skulmoski wear a seatbelt, he replies by saying, “Seat belts and helmets are for pu—-.”

The man has been charged with speeding, failing to wear a seatbelt, and using a hand-held electronic device while driving.

Skulmoski has been released on a promise to appear in Swan River court on November 4.


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