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17 Wing Performing Security Exercise

November 26, 2015 8:48 AM | News

17 Wing CrestSecurity will be ramped up at 17 Wing Winnipeg as Canadian Armed Forces member perform a security exercise today and Friday.

Armed security checks will be carried out at the base’s main gate on Wihuri Road (Whytewold Road north of Ness) as well as at the gate off of Air Force Way (Sharp Boulevard, north of Ness Avenue) as well as security patrols and inspections.

The exercise will not impact traffic routes, but visitors to the base will be required to show valid ID and may have their vehicle and belongings searched. Visitors and employees may also be randomly selected for observation, as part of the exercise, and are asked to follow the directions of security personnel.

Such training occurs on an annual basis and is coordinated to have a minimal impact on the public.


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