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Ban on Tanning Beds for Minors Arrives Jan. 1

December 16, 2015 2:40 PM | News

Tanning Bed

(Woman in tanning bed image via Shutterstock)

A ban restricting the use of tanning beds for minors in Manitoba comes into effect on January 1.

The ban is meant to protect youth from ultraviolet rays known to cause skin cancer, skin damage and premature skin aging.

“Amendments to the Public Health Act and the tanning regulation will soon be in effect and send a clear message that we are prepared to take a strong stance on any issues that affect children’s health and safety,” Health Minister Deanne Crothers said.

In the new year, operators of commercial tanning beds will have to prohibit children and youth under 18 from using tanning equipment, and not advertise and promote the use of such equipment them.

Operators will also have to update warning signs on their premises with new signs reflecting the ban on the use of the tanning equipment by children and youth.

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