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Pop-Up River Restaurant Aims for Higher Ground as Thin Ice Remains

January 2, 2016 10:29 AM | News

By Michelle Bailey

RAW: almond

RAW: almond’s new structure for 2016. (HANDOUT)

WINNIPEG — The wildly famous RAW: almond pop-up restaurant will be popping up somewhere other than the Assiniboine River this year.

Mother Nature is not cooperating. With ice on the river refusing to thicken fast enough, the masterminds behind this sold out event have had to make a difficult decision and move the venue to higher ground for 2016.

“Every day, we have hoped for colder temperatures so that we could set up for our fourth year of entertaining people and giving them a very memorable dining experience on the river,” said architect and designer Joe Kalturnyk, who along with Mandel Hitzer, chef and owner of Deer + Almond, created the now world famous temporary winter restaurant.

“In order for use to safely set up on the river, the ice needs to be at least two feet thick, and we’ve been told that’s not going to happen in time for us to do everything that needs to be done. It’s really unfortunate, but there’s really nothing we can do about it. The weather is out of our control.”

So, Kalturnyk said they have decided to stay at The Forks site, but pop-up across the walking bridge in the forest.

The event that runs from January 21 to February 14 and Kalturnyk is confident that even though they need to turn to plan B, patrons who payed $120 a pop will not be disappointed with the food, the service or the experience of dining outdoors under the stars.

And Mother Nature is not invited.

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