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More Fatal Crashes on Manitoba Roads in 2015: RCMP

January 7, 2016 3:21 PM | News

RCMP Crest LogoMore people lost their lives last year on Manitoba roads than in 2014, new statistics released by RCMP show.

There were 70 fatal crashes in the province in 2015, resulting in 79 deaths. That’s an increase of five more deaths in 69 crashes than the year prior.

In nearly half of all fatal crashes (46 percent), speed or driving too fast for road conditions was a contributing factor.

Forty percent of the crashes included impairment from drugs or alcohol, while another 40 percent of the deceased were not wearing seatbelts.

Four of the crashes involved the victim using a handheld electronic device.

“This past year, our officers have come upon too many tragedies and deaths, caused by the actions of drivers that chose to drive recklessly or impaired,” said Sgt. Bert Paquet of the Manitoba RCMP.

“It is a continuing tragedy that so many Manitobans lose their lives on our roadways every year and that in so many cases these collisions are preventable. We ask that all Manitobans help us make our roads safer: take some extra time to get to your destination, be sober and alert, slow down, put away your cell phone and to buckle-up when driving. Do it for you and for the ones you love.”

Fatal crashes in 2015 on Manitoba roads

· 63 were roadway crashes (59 in 2014),
· 7 were off-road vehicle crashes (9 in 2014),
· 6 of the fatal collisions involved pedestrians or cyclists, and
· 5 of the fatal collisions involved motorcycles.
· The five-year average (2010-2014) for fatal collisions is 78.6 with 88 deaths.

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