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Cold Snaps Prompts Warning for Outdoor Workers

January 11, 2016 11:32 AM | News

Cold Weather Thermometer

(Thermometer image via Gary Whitton / Shutterstock)

With the deep freeze the province has been plunged into over recent days, SAFE Work Manitoba is reminding employers and workers to prepare accordingly for working in cold weather conditions.

The organization says avoiding cold stress is key, which is the body’s inability to control its internal temperature.

“It can result in serious illness or death. Cold temperatures, high or cold wind, immersion in low temperature water, physical exertion, and improper or inadequate clothing are some factors that put you at risk,” SAFE Work warned in a release.

Winnipeg’s high will be 20°C today, dipping down to -27°C overnight.

Preventing cold stress

• Assess the weather conditions before heading out to the worksite and monitor yourself and your co-workers once there.
• Wear layered, dry and insulated clothing with a windproof and waterproof outer shell.
• Take warm up breaks in heated shelters. When the temperature is -7 ?C or lower, these shelters should be available nearby.
• Stay hydrated with warm, sweet drinks.
• Keep your body moving, but limit heavy work to avoid perspiration.

— Staff