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Winnipeg Taxicab Industry Under Review

January 18, 2016 4:33 PM | News

By Sarah Klein


(Taxicab image via Shutterstock)

Winnipeg’s taxicab services are under a comprehensive six-month review as launched by the Taxicab Board and the province.

Consulting firm MNP has been awarded the contract to review and provide recommendations for the future regulation and improvement of taxicab services in Winnipeg.

The review will focus on six key areas:

• Supply and demand for each class of taxi services;
• Fare structure and charges;
• Customer service, satisfaction and consumer protection;
• Safety, security and accessibility;
• New technologies and services; and
• Licensing requirements, standards, training and procedures.

Following an initial two months of analyzing financial and service performance data, policies, procedures and best practices, the review will turn to a broader consultative process. The public can weigh in with their own recommendations during the review through the province’s website.

The city’s taxicab industry has been facing the reality of competitors, such as Uber, entering the marketplace in the coming months. Representatives from the ride-sharing service have already been in Winnipeg meeting with business leaders on carving out a space in the local market.