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Winnipeg Company’s App Shames You to Get Active

January 27, 2016 7:03 AM | News

CAKEWALK AppA new smartphone app developed by a Winnipeg company will shame you into getting fit. Sometimes it may even do it publicly.

CAKEWALK was developed by Robots and Pencils Winnipeg, leveraging witty push notifications, fitness challenges, friendly competition and public shaming to encourage daily activity.

The app tracks your daily steps and depending how many you did (or didn’t do), will spit out a sarcastic response. You can even link the app to your Twitter account to have that shame shared publicly, or compete against followers for the top leaderboard position.

CAKEWALK will also use daily challenges to increase your steps. A daily goal is determined by your average step count over the past week.

“If you walk less than 50% of your daily step goal, CAKEWALK will force you into a 24-hour challenge,” the app’s website says. “If you fail that challenge, that’s when CAKEWALK will start a little chat with you on Twitter.”

The app is compatible with iPhone 5s or later and Apple Watch, so you don’t always have to carry your phone with you.

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