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Manitoba Métis Federation, RCMP Re-Sign MOU

February 5, 2016 6:58 AM | News

Manitoba Metis FederationThe Manitoba Métis Federation and RCMP are signing an extension of an agreement between the two parties for another two years.

The memorandum of understanding recognizes and supports the development of a mutually respectful and trusting relationship in regards to policing of Métis citizens within Manitoba.

“This extension to our existing agreement means we are able to continue meeting the objectives of the Metis Justice Institute,” said Julyda Lagimodiere, MMF minister of justice. “We look forward to continued success with our partner in this and other important areas of justice and community engagement.”

The goals of the MOU are to enhance public safety, prevent potential conflict and thereby contribute to the prevention of personal harm while improving police service delivery to Manitoba’s Métis community.

The official signing will take place this morning at MMF’s office on Henry Avenue.

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