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Sunova Seeks Organization for Golf Classic Proceeds

February 15, 2016 7:12 AM | News

Sunova Canine Cruiser

Proceeds from last year’s Sunova Classic golf tournament were used to purchase the Sunova Canine Cruiser for Manitoba Underdogs Rescue. (HANDOUT)

WINNPEG — Sunova Credit Union has launched a search to find a community organization, charity or non-profit group to benefit from its 2016 Sunova Golf Classic.

The annual tournament raises approximately $25,000.

“As our organization expands, we’re able to grow our charitable contributions as well. This contest opens the funding opportunity up to organizations that we maybe haven’t even heard of before,” said Ed Bergen, president and CEO of Sunova Credit Union.

Interested applicants can submit a five-minute video explaining their organization and project through the Sunova website. Finalists will be chosen and their submitted videos will be shared with the public for voting.

Proceeds of $26,000 from the 2015 Sunova Golf Classic were awarded to Manitoba Underdogs Rescue for the purchase of the Sunova Canine Cruiser, a rescue vehicle to transport injured and homeless animals.

The deadline for applications is March 1, 2016.