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Fake Hydro Workers Visiting Homes to Check Furnaces

February 24, 2016 3:53 PM | News

Manitoba HydroManitoba Hydro is alerting the public to imposters claiming to work for the public utility making house calls.

Hydro says reports have come in from Winnipeg, Brandon and Selkirk about people falsely claiming to be affiliated with the utility knocking on doors and insisting on checking furnaces inside the home.

“The individuals involved request entry to the residence to inspect the homeowner’s furnace. They then offer to rent the homeowner a new furnace for 0 percent financing and suggest that it could be added to their Manitoba Hydro bill,” the utility said in a release.

Manitoba Hydro is not involved in such a program, and advises homeowners to deny entry.

Hydro does visit homeowners door-to-door periodically for various reasons, and staff always carry an official identification card with their name and photo.

Anyone skeptical about an individual claiming to work for Manitoba Hydro should call 1-888-624-9376 before allowing them into your home.