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Bowman: Demolish PSB, Civic Centre Parkade

February 25, 2016 3:28 PM | News

Brian Bowman

Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young)

Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman delivered his second State of the City Address on Thursday, reaffirming his support to demolish the Public Safety Building and Civic Parkade.

Speaking at the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce luncheon at the RBC Convention Centre, Bowman said future development on Princess Street should be on land currently occupied by the two 1960s-era structures.

The Civic Centre Parkade has sat vacant since 2012 when it was deemed unsafe due to structural concerns. The Winnipeg police will soon completely move out of the PSB to their new headquarters on Smith Street.

“Last year, I painted a vision of what Winnipeg could be in 2045,” Bowman said. “Today, we are taking the actions and steps necessary to put us even more on track toward the Winnipeg we want in the future, and the vision I presented a year ago.”

Bowman also reiterated support for tearing down the concrete barriers at Portage and Main and opening up the intersection to pedestrian traffic. Proponents of the plan highlighted Wednesday’s announcement of True North Square as another reason the barricades should come down, highlighting the need for more public accessibility and pedestrian friendly corridors in the city’s downtown.

Partial proceeds from Thursday’s event will be donated to the Firefighters Burn Fund.