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VIDEO: Winter Wind Derby Glides Down the Red River

March 5, 2016 3:30 PM | News

WINNIPEG — It didn’t exactly turn out like it should have, but then again, you are at the mercy of Mother Nature.

Three homemade contraptions attempted to glide their way down the Red River Mutual Trail on Saturday as part of the first ever Winter Wind Derby at The Forks.

The idea? To propel yourself down the frozen river using only homemade items. No motors, no rocket packs or anything prefabricated.

The Forks launched the challenge in November and teams had until February 4 to complete their object. Participants were given a 48-hour warning — based on the weather forecast — for when they would actually be competing. A total of 15 entries were registered online.

“They’ve been sitting, waiting patiently and urgently to be able to come out on the trail and test out their equipment,” said Kristin Pauls with The Forks.

Pauls said The Forks will look at doing the derby again next year or something similar on the trail.

“We in Winnipeg — we got winter — we have a lot of it, so let’s do it and let’s do it well. And this is a part of it.”

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