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Winnipeg Firm Behind Women’s Suffrage Centennial Stamp

March 8, 2016 7:56 AM | News

Women's Suffrage Stamp

A postage stamp reflecting the women’s suffrage movement led by Nellie McClung has the markings of a Winnipeg design firm.

Canada Post has released the stamp with the visual stylings of Tétro Design. The stamp, illustrated in black and gold, comes after creative consultation from veteran stamp designer Robert L. Peters, and direction from Susan Gilson, Canada Post’s manager of design and production of stamp services.

“A crux issue when designing stamps in Canada is the requirement for all text to appear in ‘equal billing’ in both English and French — a real challenge when given such a small piece of real estate,” said Peters.

“The fact that the word ‘Vote’ is the same in both official languages signaled the conceptual solution in this case.”

The stamps are being released in the form of booklets (140,000 in total) containing 10 permanent domestic stamps and are available as of today at postal outlets across Canada.

Manitoba became the first province in Canada on January 28, 1916 to extend the right to vote to women.