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Brandon Adds Portable Water Trailer to Emergency Arsenal

March 9, 2016 12:22 PM | News

Clean Drinking Water

The City of Brandon has purchased a portable emergency water trailer for situations where drinking water may not be accessible.

The city says the trailer can hold approximately 3,300 litres of potable water in the event of major water main breaks, underground utility repairs or frozen water lines.

“For example, we could make it available to a school if city work on a water main was interrupting its drinking water supply, or we could also use it if a certain building or facility’s internal drinking water distribution infrastructure has been affected,” said public works director Ian Broome.

The on-board water supply is meant for drinking or food preparation, and not for larger-volume household uses such as laundry, dishes or bathing.

“Even though we hope not to make use of it, this equipment makes us better able to respond to these types of situations if they occur,” added risk and emergency management director Brian Kayes.