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Winnipeg Students Take ‘Poverty Challenge’

March 14, 2016 4:26 PM | News

Winnipeg HarvestStudents at Vincent Massey Collegiate have taken a poverty pledge to try and survive on $3.96 a day.

The students are part of a Winnipeg Harvest initiative to see the struggles those face in poverty on a daily basis.

“I took the pledge because I, like many people want to help make a difference, but once again like many people, don’t know what my help is changing,” said a Grade 10 student by the name of Shloke.

“By participating in the pledge I get a first-hand experience in the difficulties that so many people face and it will hopefully make me fight even harder for change.”

The 2016 Poverty Pledge challenges participants to live on the same amount of money a single individual collecting social assistance would receive for their food budget: $3.96 a day.

The program raises public awareness of the everyday struggles faced by people living in poverty.