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Winnipeg Taxi Driver Bear Maced in North End

April 12, 2016 5:26 PM | News


(Taxicab image via Shutterstock)

A Winnipeg taxi driver is recovering after being sprayed with bear mace while on duty in the North End.

The Winnipeg Taxi Alliance says the assault happened late Sunday evening at McGregor Street and Redwood Avenue.

“We have full faith in the police to investigate this matter and to hold the person responsible for this act of violence,” said WTA spokesperson Luc Lewandoski.

No arrests have been made.

In a more uplifting note from the industry, the alliance says driver Muhammad Azam rescued a toddler who was out wandering the streets at 4 a.m. last Thursday.

“The reality is that our drivers face an incredibly high risk of violence from their passengers, and so heroic and laudable acts like this need to be highlighted in order to remind everyone how drivers are an important fabric of the community,” Lewandoski added.


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