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Candidates’ Social Media Usage Skyrockets for 2016 Election

April 13, 2016 11:02 AM | News

Manitoba Election Social Media 2016

Social media usage among provincial election candidates from 2016 compared to 2011. (MANITOBAELECTION.CA)

We all know social media plays a role in elections, but when compared provincially to four years ago, the increase is staggering.

ManitobaElection.ca, a citizen-powered website offering everything you need to know before heading to the polls, has measured candidates’ social media usage using all platforms.

Open Democracy Manitoba, the group behind the website, found a dramatic increase in the number of YouTube videos candidates have been uploading. Candidate content on the video platform has more than quadrupled compared to the 2011 provincial election.

Twitter and Facebook usage is also up, with 59 percent and 71 percent of candidates on each platform, respectively.

“We’ve been talking about what other social media tools we’ll need to prepare for in future elections. Some candidates are using Instagram, LinkedIn and other tools,” said ODM co­-founder Kyle Geske.

“It’s really picking up and it appears candidates get a lot of exposure this way.”

The group also found 41 election-related websites set up by various organizations to promote specific election issues.

Manitobans vote on April 19.