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New Winnipeg App Makes Selling Social Tickets a Breeze

April 18, 2016 9:00 AM | News


Winnipeg company Swinging Gorilla Interactive Media has developed the hitup.social app to help couples sell wedding social tickets in the digital age. (HANDOUT)

Manitobans love a good social.

Selling tickets to those socials shouldn’t be a headache. And now a Winnipeg company has developed an app to make the entire process much easier.

Swinging Gorilla Interactive Media has developed hitup.social, an app aimed at those hosting wedding socials and allowing their guests to easily purchase tickets digitally.

“We’ve had people using it for a while now and we’re happy to say they love it,” said Dan Peterson, the app’s founder.

“Everyone loves a good wedding social but getting your hands on a ticket has always been a bit of a pain. hitup.social just makes everything simple.”

Users begin by entering the date, time, venue and other social-related details into the app and receive a private link to their invitation page to share with family and friends. The free app then allows guests to make their ticket purchases and receive their tickets via text message or an email.

Guests will incur a small transaction fee (usually 99 cents on a $10 ticket) during their purchase, but think of it as still being cheaper and less time-consuming than driving to meet up with a member of the wedding party to pick up that exact same ticket.

Hosts are paid automatically via Interac e-Transfer every time 50 tickets are sold, and then a final payout once the selling period is over.

As of press time, 32 active socials were using the website to handle their transactions.