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Winnipeg Website Creating One-Stop Shop for Wedding Planning

April 27, 2016 10:42 AM | News

Penguin + Stone

A screenshot from the new Winnipeg-based wedding-planning website Penguin + Stone.

Three Winnipeg entrepreneurs have developed a website to make planning a wedding less of a headache.

Penguin + Stone is only in its beta stages right now, but acts as a one-stop shop for any soon-to-be bride and groom to connect with vendors and service providers in planning their big day.

“Until now, brides, grooms and bridal parties have had to search for services, chase vendors, go through numerous booking meetings, and manage payments to businesses and service providers. It can be incredibly time-consuming, frustrating and stressful,” said Daena Groleau, co-owner of Penguin + Stone, said.

“We take that year’s worth of planning and help it happen in minutes.”

Robert Lowdon and Sue Leclair are the two other entrepreneurs behind the website. The trio all run other successful businesses that have worked directly with Winnipeg’s wedding and event planning industry.

The website also allows wedding parties to sell their social tickets online — something another local company recently started doing. Visitors can also access catering listings, event and honeymoon booking and dress purchases.

Each vendor listed on the website is individually vetted.

“We stand behind their products and services. If we didn’t, they would not be on our site. They are people we trust to put our name behind and ones we would hire ourselves,” Lowdon said.

To launch Penguin + Stone, the site is running a Love Stories contest to award 25 couples an engagement photo package worth $800, by telling the story of how they met or got engaged.