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Winnipeg Businesses Marking ‘No Diet Day’

May 6, 2016 9:54 AM | News

Woman on Scale

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A Winnipeg clinic is marking International No Diet Day by launching a new initiative to get other businesses on board.

The Women’s Health Clinic is encouraging everyone to “ditch the diet talk.”

“95% of diets do not sustain weight loss within two years and often can lead to increased weight gain,” said Ann McConkey, registered dietitian at WHC.

Thirty-five local businesses have been participating as Body Peace Zones, which are areas free of body size and food judgment, for the week leading up to No Diet Day on May 6. Some of them include Marion Street Eatery, Yoga Public, Little Sister Coffee Maker, and Klinic Community Health.

“We take a health at every size approach at Women’s Health Clinic, where we focus on wellness. This means we do not focus on the number on a scale, but encourage taking care of our bodies by nourishing ourselves regularly and incorporating joyful movement.”

The WHC says focusing on dieting and weight can have damaging effects for individuals and can also contribute to the culture of weight-based stigma that is prevalent in our society.