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Energy 106 Runs Out of Energy; Several Staffers Depart

May 11, 2016 8:07 PM | News

By Michelle Bailey (@michellebailey1)

Energy 106WINNIPEG — The sounds of Energy 106 FM are quickly changing as word spreads that most of the staff are either bailing or being let go one after the other.

Energy 106 is owned by Evanov Radio Group, and while calls to the company went unanswered to ChrisD.ca on Wednesday, several employees have started taking to social media to indicate that the station is imploding.

One staffer, who wished to speak anonymously, stated, “It was announced Frankie (Hollywood) resigned, Mike (Fabian, general manager) went on stress leave, Jenna (Khan) resigned, Jordan (Knight) resigned, Lisa (Carlson, promotions manager) resigned.”

JD Francis was also reportedly dismissed.

Station management later confirmed Frankie and Jenna have given their notices to pursue other opportunities, and GM Mike Fabian is still with the station.

Program director Adam West will now be covering middays and Steve Adams’s show has moved to evenings.

“While the timing is not the best, all are unrelated to each other,” West said of the recent personnel moves.

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