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Planes from Minnesota, NWT Join Wildfire Fight on Manitoba Border

May 11, 2016 1:33 PM | News

Caddy Lake Fire

A wildfire burns near Caddy Lake, Manitoba on May 9, 2016. (PROVINCE OF MANITOBA)

The Manitoba government says planes from Minnesota temporarily joined the fight against a wildfire burning on the Manitoba/Ontario border, and more from the Northwest Territories are helping.

The province’s latest fire bulletin says the wildfire northeast of Caddy Lake is now about 5,800 hectares, thanks to high winds that pushed the fire north. There has been little rain.

To protect hydro lines near Kenora, “two BAE-146 jets from Bemidji made two flights each to drop fire retardant,” says the bulletin. “Each plane carries 3,000 gallons of fire retardant per drop. Rail lines in the area were protected by fire and railway crews.

“A water bomber group, including two CL-215 aircraft and one bird dog aircraft, from the Northwest Territories has joined the Manitoba suppression efforts.”

The east shore of Caddy Lake and PR 312 remain closed.

The fire burning near the Beresford Lake is now 73,000 hectares, says the province. Fire raged 1 km near the south-east corner of Wallace Lake, but sprinklers have been installed on remote cottages and there has been no major damage. The evacuation order at Wallace Lake and in the Beresford cottage subdivision stands.


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