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Cold Weather Slows Manitoba Wildfires

May 14, 2016 1:16 PM | News

Caddy Lake Fire

A wildfire burns near Caddy Lake, Manitoba on May 9, 2016. (PROVINCE OF MANITOBA)

The colder weather is helping crews make good progress fighting the wildfires in Manitoba and Ontario.

No new wildfires were reported Friday, but evacuation orders remain in effect. The improving conditions have allowed travel and burning permit restrictions in eastern Manitoba to be lifted.

Wildfires northeast of Caddy Lake on the Manitoba and Ontario border are now more than 50 per cent contained, remaining approximately 5,800 hectacres. Ontario continues to lead operations controlling the fire.

The Beresford Lake fire is also now approximately 50 per cent contained, although swallowing a much larger area of 75.000 hectacres. Sprinkler protection continues on cabins in the area and crews are making good progress with suppression efforts. Twenty firefighters from Nova Scotia have joined the attack on this fire.

The mandatory evacuation of the Beresford cottage subdivision in the Nopiming Provincial Park continues.  The Beresford and Wallace lake campgrounds remain closed until wildfire conditions improve, along with Whiteshell Provincial Park, the Hunt Lake, Mantario and McGillivray Falls hiking trails.

In Manitoba, a total of 58 wildfires have been recorded to date.  The average for this date is 87.

Evacuees, cottagers and area residents can call 204-345-1444 to get up-to-date information about both fires in the eastern region.