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City Council Temporarily Moving to Admin. Building

May 24, 2016 1:29 PM | News

Winnipeg City Hall


Winnipeg’s city council is on the move.

In order to carry out renovations at City Hall, councillors will be moving to the administration building at 510 Main Street.

Councillors and staff will move to the east half of the third floor directly across the courtyard from City Hall. The temporary relocation is expected to last for approximately one year.

Mayor Brian Bowman and his staff will also move to the administration building in mid-July, and will be located on the east side of the second floor. Their move back date is currently scheduled for spring 2017.

Repairs to the aging City Hall include insulation and repairs to the roof, replacement of the clerestory windows, and repointing the Tyndall stone façade to prevent further water damage and building material/structural erosion.

The repairs are expected to cost $4.1 million.