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Man Rescued from Fire on Manitoba Avenue

June 1, 2016 2:08 PM | News

By Tyler Sutherland

FireWINNIPEG — A man was carried out of a burning suite in the 400 block of Manitoba Avenue early Wednesday.

Firefighters responded to the two-storey, four-unit complex at around 4:30 a.m. where a kitchen fire had ignited.

The fire in the second floor suite was quickly spreading when firefighters found a man in an adjacent room. He was carried downstairs to paramedics to be treated on scene.

Firefighters were able to contain the fire to the one suite, but a unit directly below suffered water damage. Its tenants were relocated as a result.

“Without the excellent work of our firefighters and paramedics, the outcome of this fire could have been tragic,” said Deputy WFPS Chief Tom Wallace. “I would like to thank our firefighters and paramedics for their excellent work this morning. This fire event is a good reminder for the public to check their smoke alarms regularly and to also plan and practice a home escape plan.”

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

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