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Winnipeg Tech Company Expanding Rapidly, Surpasses 100 Employees

June 16, 2016 1:26 PM | News

Bold Commerce

Bold Commerce’s office at 50 Fultz Boulevard. The young Winnipeg-based tech company has surpassed 100 employees. (GOOGLE PLACES)

A Winnipeg-based technology company, with clients across the globe, has marked an important milestone in its young lifespan.

Bold Commerce celebrated the growth by surpassing 100 employees on Thursday. The innovative company is Shopify’s top app and development partner, specializing in digital eCommerce solutions.

Bold was founded in Ile des Chenes in January 2013 with just four employees. It hopes to reach 230 in the next 24-36 months.

“We’re thrilled to have gotten past the century mark with our employees which is allowing us to continue to grow our company, and in turn, contribute to the economy in a very meaningful way,” said Bold co-founder Jason Myers.

“At the rate of growth we’re experiencing, we’re still constantly hiring so that number continues to get bigger. We’re thrilled to not only be able to offer great jobs to talented and ambitious people in our province, but also to contribute to an economically healthy Manitoba.”

The company has adopted a Silicon Valley-style corporate culture, offering its employees such perks as arcade games and foosball in the office, daily catered lunches for staff, on-site workout facilities, stock options, and flexible hours for employees. There’s even in-office Nerf-gun fights.

Bold is fuelling millions into the local economy annually, even with 99 percent of its revenue being generated outside of Manitoba and Canada.

The company has since located to a 26,500 sq.ft building on Fultz Boulevard in south Winnipeg.

“When you offer this kind of workplace, it’s easier to attract the best and brightest talent in the field, which is what we’ve been able to do. Now, we just need to find more of those people to help us keep up with the demand for what we’re doing.”

Aside from app development, Bold Commerce has a managed services division, providing website development/maintenance and social media solutions to clients such as the NFL, NHL, Microsoft and Time Life.