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Steinbach Pride Parade Granted Street Access

June 29, 2016 10:40 AM | News

Pride Flag

Those attending the Steinbach Pride Parade on July 9 will no longer have to march on the sidewalk.

Organizers have been granted a permit for street access after contentious dealings with the city and community to hold the parade southeast of Winnipeg. Many residents living in the city still hold outdated views regarding the LGBTTQ* community.

Politicians at all three levels have also vowed not to attend. However, that didn’t stop newly-promoted Manitoba RCMP boss Scott Kolody from planning to attend. Kolody, “D” Division Commanding Officer, has indicated he will march alongside organizer Michelle McHale. He has also promised full support from his officers to be on hand to ensure a safe event.

About 200 people were originally expected to attend, but overwhelming support from throughout the province has forced Steinbach Pride to come up with a new route.

Read their entire statement below: