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UWinnipeg Wesmen Mascot Needs a $5K Makeover

June 29, 2016 10:12 AM | News

Wes Lee Coyote

University of Winnipeg Wesmen mascot Wes Lee Coyote (KELLY MORTON PHOTO)

The University of Winnipeg Wesmen’s mascot is in need of a makeover, so UWinnipeg has turned to the community to help raise funds to modernize the costume.

Wes Lee Coyote was first introduced in 2001 to be a staple at all university sporting events.

While the mascot is more than 15-years-old, that’s actually 105 in coyote years, according to the university.

“Wes Lee Coyote needs help. I have never seen this in all of my years as a wildlife expert,” said Dr. Susan Lingle, associate professor of biology at UWinnipeg. “At his advanced age and having endured such a rigorous schedule, there is no question Wes Lee needs some serious care and attention.”

The new costume will include a hand sculpted head with battery-operated ventilation fan, inner and upper body padding, new outer fur body, coyote tail, jersey with heat-pressed logo, name and number, athletic shorts, animal paw mascot gloves, and “walkabout” mascot sneaker feet.

The university is hoping to raise $5,000 for the new costume in time to launch its 50th celebrations in 2017.