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Pothole, Scattered Spheres Benches Win Winnipeg Design Competition

July 27, 2016 8:15 AM | News

By Tyler Sutherland

Pothole Bench

Pothole Bench by Michelle Tustin (STOREFRONTMB.CA)

Scattered Spheres Bench

Kellen Deighton, Karen Hare & J. Neufeld (Wood Anchor Inc.)(STOREFRONTMB.CA)

Two permanent benches will soon become local landmarks in Winnipeg.

BENCHmark, a place-making and design competition held by StorefrontMB in partnership with the Winnipeg Trails Association, has revealed its two winners.

Pothole Bench by Michelle Tustin and Scattered Spheres by Kellen Deighton, Karen Hare and J. Neufeld (Wood Anchor Inc.) will see their designs come to life.

“New ideas is how we got here. Winnipeg’s growing network of pathways and protected bike lanes are becoming very popular, very quickly and Winnipeg deserves the best,” said Anders Swanson, coordinator of the Winnipeg Trails Association.

“Whether it’s more connectivity, better bike path design, safer intersections, increased lighting, public art or the thousands of benches we are going to need along the way for people to stop and rest.”

About the winning designs

Pothole Bench plays on Manitoba’s seemingly year-round problem roads.

“Pothole Bench is inspired by the topography of the pothole region, a prairie topography that contrasts the flat landscape, which defines the prairie stereotype,” the design’s description reads.

The bench will be located at Crampton’s Market on Waverley Street once complete.

Scattered Spheres are turned from solid reclaimed Manitoba white oak and form a cluster of seating at the Agassiz site.

These pieces operate as both a composition in the landscape and a functional place for pause.

The benches will be constructed and unveiled in September.

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