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Power 97 Returns to Rock Winnipeg’s Airwaves

August 12, 2016 12:28 PM | News

Power 97

It was always Power 97 to Winnipeg rock listeners.

The frequency of 97.5 FM is back under its original name as Corus Radio resurrected the “big rock station” at noon on Friday.

“The return of Power 97 allows us to give this beloved brand back to a city whose rock tastes have evolved. Power 97 will satisfy the appetite for rock variety that has been missing on Winnipeg radio,” said Tammy Cole, Power 97 program director.

Cole says the new station, known as 97.5 BIG FM since January 2015, will air modern and mainstream rock that also pays homage to the music that made Power 97 famous.

A line-up of personalities and shows will be announced in early September.

Power 97 did not adopt to bring back the original “voice” of the station, David Kaye.