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Proceeds of Crime Bolstering Manitoba RCMP K9 Unit

August 17, 2016 12:48 PM | News

K9 Camera

A live feed of Eddie, the K9’s new camera, which will also allow his handlers to issue commands from a remote distance. (BRAEDEN JONES / METRO WINNIPEG)

WINNIPEG — Crime doesn’t pay, but it’s helping to fund new support for victim services, providing additional resources for police agencies and better protection for the RCMP’s K9 unit.

The K9 unit is receiving $91,000 under a grant from the criminal property forfeiture program, purchasing six ballistic vests for the animals to better protect them in higher-risk situations.

The unit is also purchasing two new wireless camera units to allow K9 handlers to see what the dog sees in real-time, allowing them to provide commands to the dog or to suspects using a built-in speaker system.

Winnipeg police will receive more than $534,000 to purchase a portable X-ray scanner and ion scanner, 10 new bikes for the downtown police patrol and equipment needed to add four members to its tactical medical support team. Funding will also be used to support the work of a criminologist and offer a new mental health and wellness program for officers.

Another $450,000 will be dedicated to victim services programs throughout Manitoba, including $65,000 to help offset travel and parking costs for family members who come to court for matters involving a fatality and $30,000 to the Salvation Army’s Peace of Mind program, which offers support to women who have experienced domestic violence.

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