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Almost 4,000 People Seeking Two Astronaut Positions: Space Agency

August 19, 2016 12:55 PM | News

By The Canadian Press

NASA New Horizons

(THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO – NASA/Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute)

OTTAWA – The Canadian Space Agency has received almost 4,000 applications from would-be astronauts.

The agency announced in June it was starting its fourth recruitment campaign, seeking two people to be part of the next wave of Canadian space travellers.

When applications closed earlier this week, the agency had received 3,772 completed applications.

It says 69 per cent of the applicants are male, 24 per cent are female and seven per cent did not declare their sex, which was subject to voluntary disclosure.

The would-be astronauts hail from every province and territory, with 374 living abroad.

Candidates selected after the first round of evaluation will take part in a rigorous selection process that will last almost a year.

After the final selection next summer, the two successful applicants will begin training with NASA.

Since 1983, Canada has recruited 12 astronauts and eight of them have participated in 16 space missions.

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